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                Dongguan Yu Cheng metals Products Co., Ltd.

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                Advantages of automatic lathes
                Advantages of automatic lathes
                From:Dongguan Yu Cheng Hardware Products Co., Ltd.Time:2014-05-20 13:39:27

                Summary:Advantages of automatic lathes
                The machine has an automatic processing, processing speed, a molding complex parts , precision accurate and reliable, automatic feeding, automatic shutdown finished materials , high production efficiency.
                Precision automatic lathe can be divided take heart and take the knife
                A machining process take heart : by simply clamp onto the processing of materials , data move forward , and the tool does not move to machining parts by linear motion of the tool or the rocking motion .
                2 Take the knife in the process : using simple clamp onto the workpiece , the workpiece moving around by turning around .
                3 take the knife cam automatic lathe equipped with five knives , knife in order for the No. 1, No. 2, 3 , 4, 5, the tool holder can be installed in each blade knives 1-2 , the 1st and the 5th is turning diameter, 234 mainly grooving, chamfering and cutting processes. 2 tail shaft , two drills and a tap, a cutting die simultaneously , and at the same time tapping, milling teeth , die, embossing process . Without manual operation, complex parts can be synchronized car cylindrical, spherical , conical surface, circular surface , stairs, grooving , embossing, drilling, tapping , die cutting processes , the whole process can be completed through a process .
                4 size control and high precision : the machine spindle accuracy up to 0.003mm micrometer fine adjustment slider is controlled by the size of the control accuracy up to 0.005mm in the 2000-8000RPM spindle speed of . Cutting feed can be controlled to a minimum amount of 0.005 parts roughness ( copper ) minimum up Ra0.04-0.08
                5 Automatic feeding : feeding mechanism to the spindle automatic feeding, automatic parking alarm finished materials , materials processing without manual to see , to fully automated manufacturing process. Operator a person can operate multiple machines .
                6 high production efficiency : The machine is controlled by a cam process , every turn of a rotary cam to complete a process . Cam speed 1.0-36 rev / min , can be adjusted according to different machining parts , machine parts around 30 per minute , due to the 5 knife cutting can be performed simultaneously , processing efficiency is very high, generally CNC lathes and lathe instrument can not match
                7 automated feeding and cutting tools automatically use the cam to control walking . Cam-type automatic lathes using two cams : one for the cylindrical shape , its rear end processing into various forms , so that the knife -type automatic lathes from cam ( bowl / plate ) rotary cam example , by driving rod and rocker connection , the rotary motion into linear motion cam turret . This cam is called bowl cam , mainly for axial cutting direction of the cutting of the workpiece . Another form of a circular plate , the outer periphery into a desired shape, and then by a drive rod connected to the tool holder , the rotary movement of the cam into linear motion of the tool ; diameter is mainly used for processing the cam member to the cutting direction . About these two cams , back and forth motion synthesis , the tool will be able to form an inclined or curved direction to walk.
                McNair type automatic lathes
                Jie Jie automatic lathe automatic lathe is some radical streamlining walk the knife -type automatic lathes , based on the knife and removed the tapping part for doing some simple products without tapping . By streamlining the local function , so the overall interest will be reduced a lot. It can provide a more reasonable solution for long-term customers to make simple products .
                Dongguan Tongli metal processing plants located in the beautiful Town, Dongguan City, the plant covers an area of 2,000 square meters. Has 15 years of experience in the field of metal processing , with the industry's first-class production equipment to ensure product quality , more than 150 employees under the joint efforts of efficient business practices and a strong financial background , stable and rapid development.
                Our quality first , user supreme principle , Seiko secret agents, continuous improvement , and now has much higher visibility of enterprise hardware industry at home and abroad favor and trust in sophisticated hardware, furniture hardware , electronic hardware , metal products, metal jewelry , plumbing hardware , precision nuts , all kinds of quick connectors, air compressor parts industry enjoyed a high reputation.
                Tongli hardware products comply with EU environmental requirements can provide SGS report . In the production equipment at home and abroad we have the most advanced line of CNC lathes , high- precision automatic lathes, presses , grinding, drilling , thread rolling machine , despair rolling machine, tapping machine , milling machines and other equipment. Products are widely used in a variety of communications, computers, electronics , electrical appliances , automobiles, toys, lighting, furniture , speakers and other industries.
                Looking to the future : the same force more attention to the pace of hardware development , cooperation in good faith in order to win-win principle , we will become a driving force in the development and expansion of your technology partner and a good welcome calls to discuss plans to sample , with the force of metal staff . the enthusiasm for your service .
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