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                Dongguan Yu Cheng metals Products Co., Ltd.

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                CNC CNC lathe operation
                CNC CNC lathe operation
                From:Time:2014-05-20 13:41:08

                Summary:CNC CNC lathe operation
                In recent years, CNC machining CNC machine tools in the global market of intense competition there for gambling, domestic tools Factory also face competition and challenges in the international market , tool factory in the industrial grade quality and the cost of imports is difficult to strike a balance problem .
                FUTURE LIFE IT professional panel with electronic hand wheel of the machine tool manufacturing operation in expectations for target customers improve quality and reduce costs, the force can do a little thin cotton .
                FUTURE LIFE TECHNOLOGY , accumulated more than 10 years experience in manufacturing machinery operator panel , the panel will introduce the concept of modular product range to meet the needs of manufacturers of machine tools , CNC machining CNC combined operator panel has the following advantages :
                1 ) Laser pattern and back printing process , increase durability
                2 ) three-dimensional framework with the overall color with CE , the operating block clear, beautiful and practical
                3 ) Acrylic Button material, watertight design , good waterproof and anti-collision protection device
                4 ) first -backlit panel design, increase operational safety and life of the contact
                5) Plug & Play design architecture , can be used with all brands of CNC machining CNC controller , set variable elasticity
                6 ) Discard modular design, easy maintenance
                7 ) assembly time by the wrong line rate decreased save time , control panel costs dropped significantly more than 30%
                1 Open the operation panel module industry
                Fat At present, the company developed industrial panel module is currently only available in CNC larger and a smaller number of key processing CNC machine tool industry ( milling, milling, grinding ) , the IPC or the instrument panel or standard 19 "RACK panel and no approach corresponds to , so I want to continue to develop more modules to meet the needs of the industrial sector , the panel also allows the development of cost control and significantly reduce processing costs machinery industry .
                2 Design Architecture
                (3) compare the existing operation panel Features :
                Project FUTURE LIFE TECHNOLOGY
                A modular panel plant
                Film type B Factory (CPU)
                Film type C plant
                Traditional push-button
                Bad good bad good material durability
                Functional ability to change Liang Liang Low Low
                Good combination of changes in capacity Low Low Low
                Serviceability Good Good Fair Poor
                Let variable costs Low High High Low
                Good None None of the three-dimensional appearance
                Extensibility Orleans in Orleans
                Raw I / O increases may be Nil Nil Nil
                System stability High High Low Low ( installation )
                Low development costs high
                CE certification compatibility High Low Low High
                Cost Low Low Low High
                Backlight system Nil
                4 -benefit analysis
                Benefit analysis of the project
                Each province material costs about NT 1,000 ~ 3,000 yuan
                Labor cost per person about Province = 1 Heavenly NT2, 000 yuan, increase production speed
                Subsequent maintenance costs due to the modular design with abandon , so USER or agents can handle their own
                On-site assembly costs can be cut wiring error rate of 5% to 15 %, saving invalid hours.
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