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                What cnc lathe safety rules?
                What cnc lathe safety rules?
                From:Time:2014-05-20 13:41:47

                Summary:What cnc lathe safety rules?
                Find a professional production cnc lathe manufacturers, to recommend Dongguan Yu Cheng Hardware Products Factory . More than a decade of experience in metal processing , perfect service , advanced processing equipment, standardized manufacturing processes , the company aims : quality first , customer first, reputation first. Dongguan Tongli Hardware Products Factory was established in December 14, 1995 has been the fifth anniversary , a wholly-owned enterprises tend metal manufacturing industry , factory located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Tangxia Po Tou Heart Lake Village . Aspects of the production equipment at home and abroad , I have the most advanced line of CNC lathes , high- precision automatic lathes, presses , grinding, drilling , thread rolling machine , despair rolling machine, tapping machine , milling machines and other equipment. Testing equipment using vernier , micrometer, dental regulations , projectors, comparison instruments. With the force can provide the products comply with EU environmental requirements SGS speech. Copper, aluminum , stainless steel, alloy steel and other metal products make extensive use of communications, computers, electronics, appliances, automobiles, toys, lighting, furniture , speakers and other industries. Include : quick coupling , hydraulic quick coupling , pneumatic quick connector , automatic lathes , cnc lathe parts, screws, nuts, air compressor parts, all kinds of hardware accessories.
                Processing center safety rules
                1 . Processing center must comply with safety rules .
                2 . Required before work should wear protective equipment , tied cuffs , are not allowed to wear scarves , gloves , tie, surrounded aprons, women in braids should pull the hat .
                3 . Before starting the check tool compensation , machine zero , the workpiece zero , etc. are correct.
                4 . The relative position of each button should meet the operational requirements . Carefully enter the NC program .
                5. To check on the health of protective equipment , insurance, signal , location, mechanical transmission parts , electrical, hydraulic, and other digital systems , machining can be carried out in all normal circumstances .
                6. Before processing machine commissioning , check the health of lubrication, mechanical, electrical , hydraulic, and other digital systems , machining can be carried out in all normal circumstances .
                7 . Into the processing machine by running the program , the operating personnel are not allowed contact with moving the workpiece, tool and transmission parts , prohibiting passing across the rotating part of the machine or pick up tools and other items.
                8. Adjust the machine , tool and workpiece clamping and wipe the machine must stop proceed.
                9. Tools or other items are not allowed on the appliances, cabinets and protective cast operation .
                10. Are not allowed to directly remove iron hand , should be cleaned using special tools .
                11. Abnormal situation and the alarm signal , should be immediately stopped , please check the relevant personnel .
                12. Not allowed to leave their jobs when the machine is running, when for some reason you want to leave the bench in the middle position , Arbor refund , you must stop and cut off the mains .
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