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                Dongguan Yu Cheng metals Products Co., Ltd.

                TEL:86 0769 83668620

                   86 0769 83668621

                      86 0769 83668622

                fax:86 0769 83668623

                Address:NO.12 Three Street Jin Lang lndustrial  DiaoLang,HuangJiang Town,DongGuan,GuanDong,China.

                Dongguan Yu Cheng Hardware Co., Ltd. is a research and development manufacturing, sales , etc. owned enterprises, construction area of 6,000 square meters, professional CNC, automatic lathe production, non-standard products according to customer needs and produce various kinds of car system parts. Founded in October 1998 . In recent years, the company benefited from the full support of domestic and international customers, from scratch, the development so far , already has a number of excellent designers , senior technicians and technical experts. With more than 80 sets of machinery and equipment and monitoring services tester , hardness tester , projectors and other auxiliary equipment group. Excellent product quality, computers, electronics, appliances, communications and high-tech enterprises in the third ideal partner . Are: copper screws, automatic lathe machining , CNC lathe machining , aluminum LED flashlight , non-standard screw factory in Dongguan phone screws.
                Rain into people-oriented company , focusing on a wide range of quality training staff knowledge, technology and cooperation ; top management and leadership role through a variety of measures to create an environment for employees to participate fully ; in quality management , the Company has established a process for the based prevention-based quality management system model to ensure that the company's quality policy and quality objectives are achieved , ensure that the entire company focus on the customer requirements, to meet customer needs, quality management system to ensure continuous transformation.
                In the spirit of excellence has always been to manufacture the best products for the purpose set advantage in a variety of fasteners , sincerity for the market launch of a series of high-quality products. With the company the customer first , quality first , service quality, the entrepreneurial spirit , for your company to provide quality sales and service .
                We would recommend to you , please select quality and well selected materials , reasonably priced products .
                CopyRight ?,Dongguan Yu Cheng Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
                Address:NO.12 Three Street Jin Lang lndustrial  DiaoLang,HuangJiang Town,DongGuan,GuanDong,China.
                Tel:0769-83668621 83668622 Fax:0769-83668623
                Url:/en Email:yuchengwujini@126.com yucheng@yuchengwujin.com