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                Dongguan Yu Cheng metals Products Co., Ltd.

                TEL:86 0769 83668620

                   86 0769 83668621

                      86 0769 83668622

                fax:86 0769 83668623

                Address:NO.12 Three Street Jin Lang lndustrial  DiaoLang,HuangJiang Town,DongGuan,GuanDong,China.

                Company Profile
                Dongguan Yucheng Metal Product Co.,Ltd.

                Yucheng metal product factory is a sole corporation combining R&D,manufacture and sales with a floor area of 6,000lncorporated in october 1998,the company specializes in the manufacture of series of products of PEM standards,nonstandard products and various customized automobile parts.Due to the powerful support of the customers at home and abroad,the company has developed rapidly over the years.At present,it has several excellent designers,well-experienced technicians and technical experts.It’s well equipped with over 80 mechanical equipments and some auxiliary equipments like slat-spray tester,sclerometer and projector.All of these have guaranteed a high quality of the products and made Jingyi the ideal partner for the computer,electronic,wiring,communication and hi-tech enterprises.

                Yucheng Co.mLtd.is human-oriented and attaches importance to the training of employees in knowledge,skills and team spirit.The top management has created the environment of all-employee-participation via the samples of leadership and various effective measures.The company has established the preventive QC pattern based on various systems so as to carry out the QC policy and realize the QC goal smoothly,and to meet the customer s’ requirements.

                The company persists in the spirit of “excelsior”,the pursuit of making the best products.It integrates the virtues of various fastening pieces to develop a series of qualified products.The whole stuff will follow the spirits of “customers highest,quality first,excellent services and enterprising”to offer satisfactory sales services for the clients.

                With sincerity,we’d like to recommend you products with outstanding quality,first-class materials and reasonable prices.

                CopyRight ?,Dongguan Yu Cheng Hardware Products Co., Ltd.
                Address:NO.12 Three Street Jin Lang lndustrial  DiaoLang,HuangJiang Town,DongGuan,GuanDong,China.
                Tel:0769-83668621 83668622 Fax:0769-83668623
                Url:/en Email:yuchengwujini@126.com yucheng@yuchengwujin.com